Monday, May 17, 2010

Interpreting the masters..

 I am completely obsessed with the 2010 spring collection from Proenza Schouler !!! I cant keep my eyes off these garments and I have been inspired numerous times by this collection. It screams uptown spring chic.

If you feel like splurging on your wardrobe... you can find this collection at Forty Five Ten located at 4510 McKinney Ave. Dallas TX 214-559-4510 or visit them at
Love the look but not the price?... No worries... you can interpret the look for yourself...

Example... take a turquoise sequin mesh slip $68, a $11 flouresent green bandeau top from, and a black stripe twill skirt from $14.80 and you have a look inspired from the collection. Remember it's all up to your interpretation!

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  1. I love this Joseph! I get so overwhelmed when trying to put together an outfit while out shopping.